About the Marron Group

The technology industry is full of marketing fluff aimed at getting you to either buy something you don’t need or act without first knowing all the facts.  At The Marron Group, we pride ourselves on being great listeners. We believe in being transparent and candid. We strive to understand your views, values, and business challenges.

We value transparency and trust. That’s why we’re different.

It’s all about understanding your business and applying our experience and know how to achieve the best results. When you need a different point of view, you can count on The Marron Group.

Meet the Marron Group

The Marron Group is made up of engineers with collectively over 75 years of experience in data networking, information security and fiber optic characterization.

We have an outstanding background in leading and designing network infrastructures, leveraging expert technical skills, analyzing and resolving complex network, security, and application-related incidents. We can translate business goals and objectives into IT strategies and solutions by using our expertise in computer technology. We also understand organizational change and can help to mitigate risk, infuse new ideas and ensure on-time and in-budget delivery of projects.

Here is what one of our customers said about working with The Marron Group’s engineers:

I have only worked with Greg for a short time but in this time Greg was able to accomplish more than most would have. Greg’s work ethic was outstanding – he went above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring that projects were completed successfully and on time. He clearly understood what was important for us. He presented himself as a highly competent and knowledgeable mature professional who is always interested in expanding his horizons while sharing his technical knowledge with others. Greg is very easy to work with and he has a great personality.


The Marron Group Location

Our corporate headquarters is located in Naperville, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. You can contact us by phone at 630.881.1882 or by email on our contact page.


The Marron Group is a leading Chicago area network services company located in Naperville, Illinois. We specialize in network services including: Computer Networking, Wireless Network Design and Deployment (Wi-Fi), and Network Security Systems. We also provide: Fiber Characterization, Fiber Certification, OTDR Testing, ORL Testing, Gig-E Testing, Fiber Optic Testing Services and Long Haul Fiber.