The Marron Group provides network services and fiber characterization services.


WiFi ServicesNetwork, WiFi and Network Security Services

Our network services include Networking, Wireless Network Design and Deployment (Wi-Fi), and Network Security Systems. From designing your LAN/WAN to networking (SDN), we can determine how to implement, manage or improve your network.

Our Wi-Fi services include designing and implementing a high speed, reliable, secure wireless network to support your business. Companies need to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections to all their employees regardless of where they are in your office.

Our network security system offers a full range of security solutions to keep your business, network, and data protected at all times. Security must constantly adapt to handle any and all new threats that might emerge.

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Fiber Characterization Services

Our Fiber Optic Characterization service enables your company to have a true representation of your computer network’s capabilities. Fiber Characterization is required for high speed links to ensure the signal’s integrity is not affected. It’s a comprehensive set of measurements performed on a fiber optic cable link to determine the key performance attributes of that link.

Each time a network system gets upgraded to a faster delivery speed the optical thresholds for that fiber system become more stringent. Most links running speeds of 10 Gbps or higher are subject to Service Level Agreements (SLA) which mandate the network up time and performance required.

Our Fiber Characterization Testing includes Campus (premises cabling – LAN, short runs); OSP (outside plant – WAN, long haul); OSP (outside plant – long haul); CWDM and DWDM.

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